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Free Cell Phone

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Susteen DataPilot Bluetooth Kit - DP300-X04-RT

Cellphone accessories | LG VX8550

DataPilot's technology allows data transfer of phone book information between your PC, mobile phone and PDA (you can import data from your Palm or Outlook right into your DataPilot address books and then once you organize it, you can transfer it all right to your cell phone). DataPilot provides you the fastest way to edit, create, transfer, and share contact information with your cell phone and laptop with the data cable provided. By using your cell phone as a wireless modem, you can surf the Internet or check your emails on your laptop. Always have your most needed information with you in your cell phone. Stay connected anytime, anywhere. (Not all features below work with all phones. Feature compatibility is dependant on the phone's capabilities and offerings by the Carrier). Compatibility for newer phone models may require the user to download an update for the latest software version at DataPilot.com.
  • Edit or Backup Contact Data in the Phone Book Manager.
  • Dial-up to the Internet.
  • SMS Manager.
  • Calendar Support.
  • Ringtone Composer.
  • Image Editor.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP.